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Were you moved to comment about something I shared but you're not techno-savvy. Perhaps you're a private person? Don't let that stop you from sharing your experience or how my blog spoke to you. Did you know you can select anonymous when leaving your comment? No one will know who it was from, but someone might benefit from what you share.

One of many things that has helped me heal is to hear others share authentically. There are many reasons why that helps, but more specifically I learn that someone "gets-it" and sometimes what is shared puts a new perspective on my wound.

See what others' shared about various posts:

Beautifully written, like I was watching a film ♡♡ (C.An)(Truth in Judy's Eyes) Oct 27, 2015

Beautiful tribute!(D.L.)(Truth in Judy's Eyes) October 27, 2015 

Tammy Sue, I'm glad I read this. Yes, it was sad. However, it most eloquently depicted life, and my own experiences at the hospice, 30 years ago, as my mom slipped into forever. Once again, you've touched my heart. (C.DiL)(Truth in Judy's Eyes) Oct 26, 2015

Hi Tammy, Completely and overwhelmingly LOVED this latest blog post! What an encouragement. Thank you. You have a gift that I am privileged to be part of :-) (JoaG)
(Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder) September 28, 2015

Tammy, I love reading your blogs. This one brought tears to my eyes! Happy Anniversary.
(JoaG) (Will You Dance the Fragile Dance With Me?) August 23, 2015

Wow! So brave! (S.Hod.) (Are You A Father?) June 20, 2015

That's powerful! (L.L.) (Are You A Father?) June 19, 2015

Love reading your blogs. (K.K.) (Are You A Father?) June 19, 2015

Well done Sam! (B.Hem) (Writing Through the Pain) May 30, 2015

Beautiful. More than 30 years ago, my mom was one of 3 women that dared to challenge the status quo of domestic violence. read more...(Writing Through the Pain) May 30, 2015 Anonymous

You are so absolutely amazing, a wonderful person. I wish I could have been of support but please know I am. Love you-I would hug you in person if I could. You have so very much to share beyond the stories that your are sharing. Love you, Linda L. (Writing Through the Pain) May 30, 2015

Thank you for opening your heart and even old healed wounds to help others. (TL.LCM) (Fighting the Fight) May 24, 2015

Sweetheart, You are extremely respectful. I appreciate that. And I love, love, love you! Mom (Fighting the Fight) May 24, 2015

Beautifully written....what a sweet acknowledgment to your mom. (TifB)
(Healing With Mom) July 16, 2015

Tammy Sue, Leave it to you to have just the right sentiment and just the right words with just the right compassion at just the right time!! That blog was absolutely beautifully written!!(Healing With Mom) May 6, 2015 Anonymous 

Powerful blog, TS. Thank you. (The Yellow Rose) April 13, 2015 Anonymous 

Terrific, Tammy. Beautiful and poignant. I love it. (LL)(The Yellow RoseApril 13, 2015

I read your blog last night, Tammy Sue, and liked it. You have a nice way of putting together a storm, a praying mantis, and our own lives and having it make sense. (LL)
(Mickey Mantis) February 7, 2015

Tammy Sue, you did again--a beautiful, honest, heart-felt letter to the world and to God. Thank you for reminding us that God is more (Keeping it Simple) Jan 18,2015

What a great story, Tammy Sue. God is using you!(Christmas Curveball) 1/3/15 Anonymous

I loved this! And I love that you continued upward and forward. You are great! Thanks so much for sharing, you write beautifully. (Angels Landing) 10/29/14 Anonymous

Angels Landing was my first blog post. Various responses below are in response to it.

Hi Tammy Sue,I just read all your blogs, and wanted to send you love and hugs. I knew it had been rough in your home growing up (I read your Mom's book), but had no idea HOW bad it really was. My heart goes out to you, and pray you can heal completely. It sounds like your hubby was perhaps a gift from God for you? With love, hugs & prayers 10/30/14 Anonymous 

Hi Tammy!Thanks for letting me know about your blog! I am enjoying it very much! God bless! Love 10/29/14 Anonymous

I absolutely love this! 9/16/14 

You have no idea how inspirational you are to me. Since your last email, I have produced my 50 page journal from birth to last Sept. Wow!!! I'd been waiting a long time to get all that out of my soul. I now "Breathe" without even knowing I'd been without air so long. You're forever my "Angel." So grateful. With respect and unconditional Love 9/16/14 

Hi tammie-sue, your an amazing writer. Thanks for sharing! xo  9/16/14 

Just wanted to tell you how much I loved your blog!  I've never been on an official blog before, I need some explanations... That's all!  8/13/14 anonymous

Hi Tammy Sue.  Great blog well said and wonderful photos!  Thanks for sharing :)

8/13/14 anonymous 

I love it! Looking forward to your blogs!  8/13/14 

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