Tuesday, August 8, 2017

What Would My Lucille Say?

Mr. Ernest Gismondi met Lucille. They fell in love and married. She kept the home fires going while Mr. Gismondi served in the Army Air Corps as a pilot flying B17's during World War II. Following the war, he became a test engineer for United Technologies in Bridgeport and Stratford while he and his wife settled in the 1950s and raised their children in Newtown, Connecticut.
I met Mr. and Mrs. G., that's what I called them, when I was 15 because their son was my high school sweetheart. We'd get off the school bus near their neighbors and walk the worn path through the trees that bordered their back yards. We'd come up the back cement porch steps to enter the house. For as along as I've known this family, I didn't realize they had a front door until I was an adult. Everyone came in through the back. On the small porch, making my way to the door, I passed the little blue bench that had a basket filled with Mr. G's Yukon gold potatoes from his annual garden. Nailed up next to the door was Mrs. G's cloth bag filled with clothes pins. Monday was always laundry day. Outside the back door I wiped my feet on patches of old carpet where Mr. G's worn out garden boots sat. After school, we would be greeted with warm apple pie or peach pie or the absolute to die for, Father Sarducci cheesecake. Friday nights was one of my favorite meals at their home, homemade potato fries in the deep black cast iron frying pan along with steak.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Wounded Song is on Amazon!

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Hi everyone! As some of you know I have been working on a non-book that became a book. It is now Published!
please visit my new website: woundedsong.com to leave comments about the book (if you've read it).

my book

Wounded Song

is now available on Amazon and Createspace eStore!



BOOK LAUNCH: if you attend, there will be a limited supply of books available at the book launch. 

BOOK PRICE: $15.00 (cash only)

Book Launch August 18, 2017

Always, always and always I'm am grateful for the encouraging feedback I've received over the years that helped me to believe that my story mattered!