Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Cry of Faith at 1:11

Last Sunday a family in our community had a tragic accident with their 8-year-old daughter Marissa. Since then she has been unresponsive and clinging for life on earth. The family cried out for prayer. Ever since, our community has been holding their breath, praying, hoping, singing, believing, held a vigil as they’ve been uplifting little Marissa and her family.

Whether you know the family intimately, from church, work, from passing or other, you know them now if you’ve been privileged to read one of their many posts they’ve put out on Facebook.

If you’ve wondered why someone would follow a reality TV show, this is one of those times where this family’s reality is real as people have been allowed to spread the truth of their pain and faith.

If you’ve questioned the benefits of technology, this is one of those times where goodness spreads like wild fire as the FB page or email on my phone goes ding, ding, ding, as people continually share, write, and prayer for this family.

I’m one of those people that know of them but can’t claim to know them intimately, and still I’m affected. Their tragedy grabbed me. I have become swept up in the current of hope and prayer.

Think of all the people this family is touching by sharing their painful truth.

Think of all the people that can relate to some piece of their story.

Think of all the people that are crying. Isn’t it better to cry together, pray together, sing together and hope together?

Isn’t this making the light of truth shine brighter?

When I was seven I lost my baby sister. I lost a best friend at twenty, I watched my cousin die of cancer and we watched my mother-in-law pass after we pulled her from life support.