Saturday, May 7, 2016

Mother's Day Bloom: The Fragrance of Redemption

For those who have read my blogs which reveal a once strained mother-daughter relationship I share this so you can see the positive results of why I write the negative. May this encourage those who understand.

L to R: Cyndi Jo, Gram-maternal, Mike, Tammy Sue
L to R: Mom & Dad
Cyndi Jo, Mike, Tammy Sue

The reason I share the truth of past pains is so I can celebrate the gain of our victories!

L to R: Tammy Sue, Mike, Cyndi Jo 

L to R - Tammy Sue, Cyndi Jo, Mom, Mike in back
It is never easy to shed light on a situation that needs a change for healing. It’s a risky and vulnerable position to tread.

I am here to tell you that our families relationships have improved tremendously in the past couple of years. Proof that when it seems impossible, it is never to late for redemption.

Because our mom and her children (us) have been willing to dig in the dirt of past hurts, we can shed light on truths and begin to heal and grow a richer family relationship that talks about things other than the weather. What a sweet fragrance we are experiencing.

My mother has become my biggest fan, supporter, encourager and cheerleader of my blog and book. More than once she has told me, “I know you didn't have the best childhood and I wish more than anything it could've been different but you must keep writing and get your story out so other's can heal.” 

I share a couple blog quotes from her because this was foreign conversation between us not too long ago. I bring you into the world of our growth in an effort to offer hope.

Blog - Healing With Mom May 6, 2015 “Thank you, Tammy Sue. I couldn't be prouder of you! We've come through a lot; I wonder where the next ten years will take us. I love you with all my

Blog –  Infertility: The Empty Mother’s Day Womb May 2, 2016 “Nicely said! I can read this now, knowing how far we've come. I love you so much. Mom”

more redemptive healing...
Mom sent this in January 2016
And this is why I write, heal and write to heal!

Victory and Redemption!
I can honestly say with a true heart 
I love you and I am proud to call you mom! 

Thanks for digging in the dirt with me.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom! 
Tammy Sue


Linda Loegel said...

Thank you, Tammy Sue, for that Mother's Day treasure! We're still learning and loving, aren't we? I love you to pieces.

Tammy Sue Willey said...

The willingness to hang in there and learn together is like detoxing the bitterness from the heart. Love you to mom!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing and reminding us all that our stories are not over yet and God can work miracles at anytime!!! Praise the Lord!!!

Tammy Sue Willey said...

Dear sweet anonymous, In the middle of our family chaos I would be told things like, "time heals all wounds" and "learn to forgive" when healing and forgiveness seemed irreparable. Frustrated by statements like that, I wondered how. I took many years to resolve what those words meant to me. All I can say is for me none of this happened overnight but none of this would have happened without a willingness to see God's grace which kept my life from going in a whole other direction that could have been disastrous. Hang in there my friend, God has your back!