Monday, March 14, 2016

Infertility: The Hope of Spring

Post #1 of my infertility series:

The April walk around the reservoir was a perfect place to share the news with my family. A phone call would’ve been quicker, but there are some things that need to be said face to face. Or should I say, more fun if shared in person.

After a few laps around the water, my husband and I plopped down in the grass with my sister and brother-in-law who were visiting. When the moment was right, I blurted, “I’m late!”

At first I was concerned the announcement was premature because let’s face it I didn’t pee on the stick yet, but soon the Saturday air filled with celebration. 

We cheered and hugged as the questions flowed, one after another. What a journey the past three years had been since a doctor’s appointment first revealed a slightly elevated prolactin level. Series of blood tests and doctor appointments monitored my prolactin numbers which continued to rise, causing leaky breasts. An elevated prolactin is common in pregnant women as their body prepares to produce milk for their baby.

However because I wasn’t pregnant during those three years, doctors had to rule out the other possible cause for this, a tumor on my brain stem. Once the third round of MRI’s and a CT SCAN detected no tumor, I fell into the small percentage of unexplained blah blah blahs. 

In the meantime, trying not to be stressed, we followed doctor’s orders, so to speak, and continued trying to make a family. Because my cycle was still regular they said, “Nothing to be concerned about while you’re trying to conceive.” In the meantime, five months before the reservoir walk, I was instructed to record my basal body temperature by taking my temperature each morning before getting out of bed. In other words, I recorded my ovulation clock.

Funny symptoms took over my body during the cycle of April 1999. I had to pee a lot more than usual. Even my breasts discharged a little. My back hurt, so did Curtis’. Pseudo symptoms we laughed. Our cat Lacer became extra needy so my husband’s theory, “Maybe Lacer is like a dolphin and can tell you’re pregnant.” A girlfriend said, “You have color in your face, have you been in the sun?”

Excited that this must be a sign, I blushed, “No.”